Please find below the legal identification details of each legal company associated under the TFC-Consortium

VAT Registration and Enterprise Number

The Fashion Corner BVBA: BE 0561.965.540

YouFashion NV: BE 0675.908.668

Glam & Fashion BVBA: BE 0641.657.572

Registered Seats Address for all Legal Entities

Liststraat 26 – 1910 Kampenhout – Belgium

Legal Representative and Administrator (Zaakvoerder) for all Legal Entities

The Management Corner BVBA, (VAT nr: BE 0832.193.088), registered at Liststraat 26, 1910 Kampenhout, Belgium and on its term represented by its administrator (Zaakvoerder) Alexandre de Buck van Overstraeten

Please note that TFC-Consortium is not a legal entity but a commercial name under which all legal entities are associated